I thought it was a bit early also, but someone had already listed them on the brag-board in the visitors center, as of yesterday.  Have seen kites before, never seen red-shouldered hawks, afaik.  Went to the Cornell Lab site -- the call i heard matched.
Ken Thompson
StLouis, MO

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Hi Ken,

Could you have meant Red-shouldered hawks? It's a little early to have Mississippi Kites around. Thanks for sharing.

Christian Hagenlocher

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Parked in the gravel lot below the visitors' center.  A harrier was hunting the field there, came right up to the edge of the parking lot.  Turkey vulture soared in  off the bluff also.  At the 1-mile marker on the trail, saw & heard a pair of Mississippi kites, below tree-top level.
Beautiful day for a stroll.  Everybody and their dog were out there.

Ken Thompson ([log in to unmask])
Moline Acres (North StLouis county) MO

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