This is a good record and photos are clear.  I find only Feb. birds in Missouri in the very southern edge. Several late Dec. and January records for several areas including Kansas City, Rolla and St. Louis.  One record in Feb. for Kansas just across the border which is about the same latitude.  Lots of Dec. records across Southern Canada all the way to Newfoundland, but Feb. not  many.  Hope you send in a documentation for the record.


Brad Jacobs
Missouri Department of Conservation
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Subject: Orange-crowned Warbler in Carondelet Park today - 2/13/15 - Wild!

My wife and I were out birding for the GBBC, as well as to prepare for the bird walk we are doing in Carondelet Park tomorrow for SLAS, and found a very unexpected bird - an Orange-crowned Warbler.  Isn't this odd? I could not find any records for the bird on ASM to help me determine if this is highly unusual, which it is for us. Here are some very poor photos I managed to get:  < %20>

Andy Reago
St. Louis MO
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