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My wife’s former surname was Gale, so she invariably speculates about bygone family connections…….

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Slaves at the Smith Parsonage in Weymouth
At the blog "Boston 1775" by J.L. Bell dated Wednesday, February 11, 2015.

Remember that Abigail (Smith) Adams' older sister Mary married Richard Cranch and they were ancestor's of Eliot's mother. That is how he was a cousin to John Quincy Adams, Henry Adams and others (possibily even to Gomez Addams? ;-)

The two most important paragraphs from the blog:

As an adult, Abigail Adams strongly opposed the institution of slavery, yet she grew up in a slaveowning household. Her father, the Rev. William Smith, owned a male servant named Tom and a female servant named Phoebe, and they both played significant roles in Abigail’s life.

The fact that Weymouth’s town minister owned slaves was not unusual in New England. Indeed, ministers were part of a community’s elite, and sometimes independently wealthy. It was common for a genteel young woman marrying a minister to receive an enslaved person as a wedding present to help her set up her new household.