Say, maybe you've seen the McKim building of the Boston Public Library today during the televised Patriots victory parade. Well inside is a series of murals, some by Edwin Austin Abbey depicting "The Quest and Achievement of the Holy Grail."  Yesterday I posted a link to a webpage by Seamus Perry ( ) that said: "'This is just silly', [Eliot] wrote in the margin at one point, responding to the perfectly mild suggestion that an interest in Arthurian myth might have been partly prompted by the paintings in Boston Public Library."

There are two places in Boston that I will walk out of my way to visit, the Robert Gould Shaw (and Massachusetts 54th Regiment) memorial across from the State House and the McKim building of the BPL at Copley Square. 

This BPL page describes the Abbey Grail paintings with "An Outline of this Version of the Legend" by Henry James:

But for some reason the pictures are missing.  They can be seen here though:

The first 6 pages of the series below show murals at the BPL by Abbey, Sargent and Puvis de Chavannes:
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   Rick Parker