Midwest Modern Language Association
Call for Papers
German Women Writers

Topic: Open

We are seeking papers which deal with the literary texts and lives of German-speaking women writers from any period and in any genre. Papers that address the informal Convention theme of “Arts and Sciences” are especially welcome.

Please submit 250-word abstracts as email attachments to both Corrina Peet, [log in to unmask] and Julie Koehler [log in to unmask] by March 29th, 2015.
Possible sub-themes of the informal Convention theme “Arts and Sciences” include:

    Images of the sciences in literature
    Laboratory tools in the humanities
    Science fiction
    Narratives of progress
    Creativity as science and/or art
    Literary theory and scientific modeling
    Disability and technologies of accommodation
    Digital Humanities
    Mapping and networks
    The art and science of teaching
    Methods of inquiry
    Cognitive approaches to literature
    Medical humanities
    STEM and the curriculum
    Eugenics and Pseudo-sciences
    Alchemy and magic 


    Computer generated text
    Humanities laboratories
    Cyborgs and technoculture
    Scientific models and language studies
    Rhetoric of science
    Writing and technology
    The Posthuman
    Literature and genetics
    Writing popular science
    Public perceptions of arts and/or sciences
    Regional arts
    Video games
    Artistic/scientific inspiration
    The future of specific disciplines
    Science writing

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