As far as I know, unless others have been by and not submitted to eBird, the INCA DOVE has not been present since I sent the last message.  It fed at two times that day, Jan 28, perhaps fueling itself up for a journey?  Keep your eyes on your feeders, been spreading the news around our little town, you never know what may show up!!  Should it show again or another delay, will post a message to the group.  Not the first time its been absent for a short period, but was the first I saw it feed twice in a day.  After I missed the Ivory Gull 4 hours away, I don't want to have anyone make plans and end up missing it.  If it was its last visit on Wednesday, I want to thank everyone I got to meet who came over and wish I was able to meet the others I missed.  Always great to finally put faces to names.  Hopefully it will show again, if not, maybe I'll meet those I missed down the road at another sighting.  Keeping fingers crossed though, really enjoyed its presence, always made me think of my boy who goes to school in College Station, TX where Inca Doves readily frequent his recess area (which was so cool he got to see one in his home state).  He's followed its progress, always ready for daily updates of this visitor to the feeding area he set up when he was 7. 
Again, I will keep group posted or feel free to e-mail me off the list or text/call 816-807-4748 if you want to try.
Dan Cowell
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