The Inca Dove made its daily afternoon appearance at around 3:15 today, was still present when I left about 40 minutes later.  Has been observed by multiple birders everyday since Jan 7, but first arrived on Dec 31.  I noticed it arrive from the northeast side of the yard to the feeders instead of the usual southern side where the large cedars are today.  It has also been spending more time in the trees after feeding providing great photo opportunities for those who have good cameras (love Allen Smith's pics from this past weekend -  Also had a Pine Siskin show up on a tube today and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet has been a daily suet feeder. 
I mentioned in a previous message that birders are welcome, the pattern seems to be late afternoon.  I'm in and out with work, but would certainly like to meet those who come in while I'm here.  If you're planning a visit, just shoot me an e-mail, I don't have be here and the neighbors are aware.  Curious to see how long it stays, will post updates on our facebook page.  Really amazed at how hardy the bird is, it was 0 this morning and the cold has really been sustained during its stay. 
Dan Cowell
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