Usual disclaimer – not making any money off of this, don’t know the guy personally …   I am enjoying tremendously Noah Stryker’s posts regarding his “Big Year Without Borders”, which started on January 1.    If some of you had not seen the announcement in the Audubon Magazine or otherwise been alerted to it, the link is here:


He started in Antarctic (a place I may never get to visit) and is now on Day 11.   He is pretty witty, some beautiful photos, keeps it simple and brief --  and I will now be able to bird vicariously around the world for the next year.  Places and birds I may never get to see in my lifetime.   If you start now you can catch up pretty quickly.  Be patient – the blog is a little cumbersome to navigate and they are promising improvements as I am guessing it is getting way more “hits” than they expected.


Just thought I would bring it to MoBirders’ attention on this very cold morning  (he is birding in 90 degree heat in Chile right now!)


Jean  Leonatti

Columbia, MO

Boone County



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