I spent a bit of time in and around Bradford Farm in Boone Co. this afternoon. I again missed both shrike species. I also failed to find my real target for the afternoon: Harris's Sparrow. I checked all the hedgerows on Ben Williams Rd. between New Haven and Rangeline without any luck. However, there were a lot of WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS. Most that I took the time to ID to subspecies were Gambel's. 

The fields on the south side of Vemers Ford Rd. again held a lot of WESTERN MEADOWLARKS (ID'd by voice). A pair of CACKLING GEESE came in with a small flock of CANADA GEESE. A KRIDER'S RED-TAILED HAWK moved quickly through the farm, although it did stop for a moment in what looked to be an attempted hunt.

Full eBird checklists for Bradford Farm: and Ben Williams Rd.:

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