Just a sidebar comment from the state-line thread. Someone mentioned that
eBird maps may be using old data. I would broaden that to say that any
online map could be misleading and should not be entirely trusted --
especially for public areas.

I did a quick random search using an eBird map and found that while Weldon
Spring CA is clearly outlined and shaded green, to indicate a public area,
Busch CA has no shading or any other indication of its status as a defined
area -- except of course for the pushpin to show that it's a hot spot. That
is the more curious because Busch is much older than Weldon as a
Conservation Dept. property.

Also, checking Columbia Bottom, I found that it was labeled and shaded
(though a different tone for some reason) but still showed all the old
roads through the area, with their names -- apparently the roads that
existed when the area was private farmland!  (You can trace which ones are
still in use and which are now out in the middle of the fields.)

Same experience with the National Audubon Christmas Bird Count site. There,
looking at the map that shows all the CBC circles and zooming in, I found
somewhat the opposite: Busch CA was shown clearly but Weldon Spring not at
all, and there was no indication that Columbia Bottom existed.  I
communicated with Geoff LeBaron about this, but he could only apologize and
say that they were basically stuck with the maps they got from their

In general, Map

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