After a quick visit to Riverlands for the Western Grebe, we went to Carlyle Lake to look for Rough-legged Hawk.  We easily found one in the area north of Posey, where they are regular.  The lake itself was covered with birds although we were not able to find anything too unusual.  The number of Snow Geese was the largest I have ever seen there.  There were literally acres of birds sitting on the lake.   There were as usual a few White-fronts and Ross' Geese mixed in, but oddly at least in the part of the flock we could see no Canada Geese.  The flock stretched from south of Point 18 out of sight to the north.  There were also hordes of puddle ducks, including a few Black Ducks and smaller numbers of divers.  We did not seen a loons or grebes, but it would have easy to overlook almost anything among the masses of geese.
David Becher
Saint Louis

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