I picked up this email on my way back from Weston today and did everything I
could to avoid traffic and make it to Blue Springs Lake before it got dark.
I spent an hour looking for the grebe from both sides of the Blue Springs
Lake Dam off Turkey Hollow/Lakeshore Drive, but was unable to find it.  I'm
going to go back in the morning to look for it in better light.  If anyone
wants to join me, the more eyes the better.  


On a side note, I was looking at the field guide; other than the red on the
throat, was anyone able to make out the color of the bill or any other
distinguishing features?  Just wondering what I should be looking for.


Christine Kline

Pleasant Hill - Cass County

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Subject: red-necked grebe, hermit thrush


five of us on a burroughs audubon field trip to blue springs lake this
morning had really nice looks at a red-necked grebe. the neck still had some
red in it which was easily seen. 

it was first seen near the dam, but kept diving and moving away. it was in
the middle of the lake by the time we left. other species observed included
numerous common mergansers, a few canada geese, mallards, common goldeneyes,
ruddy ducks, pied billed grebes and ring-billed gulls, 2 bald eagles and 1
snow goose.

we also saw or heard at least 4 hermit thrushes at fireman's park and
campground road on our way out.


sherry leonardo

grandview, mo


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