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Dear Poundians,

Christmas is round the corner and I would like to use the opportunity for a short report on 2014.

The best news that we have is the launch of the society website in May and that of The Cantos Project in October. The Cantos Project is the flagship project of the society: it makes us strong, awakens interest of the larger community of modernists in what we do and who we are. 

The society is now for all practical purposes completely independent. It is not chaperoned by a university, it is not tied to a bureaucracy, it does not rely on other organisations. 

It has its own home (our website) - its first scholarly project (more on the way) - its own serial, Make It New - its own communications system (the present mailing list) - its own bank account and treasurer.


For this year I would like to appeal to you to help this newborn society with a donation. I have set up a link in our Top menu, Members and have tested it with a first transfer. It works. 
You don't have to be a member to give. 

Any amount you care to donate to make this society strong will be welcome. Please find the link here: http://ezrapoundsociety.org/index.php/members/donate-to-the-society

Thank you for your help and interest this year and a very happy Christmas to you all,

Roxana Preda

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