Yes, the photo date is mislabeled. As noted by Chanan Mittal, Murdock did host the the party at which TSE and Yeats were captured in the photo under discussion here, but it was at the end of 1932. And, as Ken observes, Yeats was, in fact, a good bit taller than TSE (I think TSE once said he was 5' 11" but this might well have been with his shoes on.) R F Foster, in W B Yeats: A Life  --  II: The Arch-Poet, plate 15, labels this photo as "WBY and T. S. Eliot at Harvard, December 1932."  --  best to all,  --  Jim Loucks

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  Sounds too good to be true, but if it is it seems TSE missed an opportunity to audit a candid opinion. Apparently the photo date is mislabeled? It says around 1925. Unless TSE is standing in a hole, I'm impressed with the size of WBY. Perhaps he's the model for Phlebas. Given how close together the two are standing, it looks like someone asked them to pose, but the shot we have here appears taken either a little too soon or too late. Quite a furrow in TSE's brow.


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This would have been in autumn 1932, when TSE sailed to the US to deliver the Norton Lectures (1932-33); that same year Yeats visited the US to be present at the opening of one of his plays in New York. It was an uneasy meeting, over a formal dinner (I think it might have been at Wellesley, but have to check on that). WBY sat next to TSE but was engaged in conversation with a young woman on the side away from TSE. He then turned to TSE and said that he and the lady had been discussing the poetry of TSE, and asked what TSE thought about the subject. TSE turned his place card to WBY to identify himself.  --  best,  --  Jim Loucks
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Now that's what I call body language!

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William Butler Yeats and T S Eliot at a luncheon given by Kenneth Ballard Murdock in c 1925