Freedom is not the whole of life but it is a precondition for much life. It is, at its core, free time. For peasants of the last 4 or 5 millenia utopia was freedom from forced labor for an aristocracy or tribute ('taxes') to any higher authority. That utopia, in a world dominated by invisible relations, is no longer even a possible dream -- but it is worth thinking about. A nation with any interest in the mind would not reduce its teaching force to mere items in the Reserve Army of Labor! 


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We all get sick. We all have families. And we all deserve to take a day off without risking our livelihoods or the health of our community. That’s why my fellow graduate workers and I—an essential part of the University of Oregon—are fighting for paid sick leave. We walked off the job earlier this week after the university administration refused to offer us a fair contract that provides a basic paid leave policy for medical and family emergencies. 

Will you stand in solidarity with us and sign our petition to University of Oregon President Scott Coltrane? <> 

Other state workers have it, and all workers deserve it. Workers in Eugene and Portland fought for paid sick leave and won. And President Coltrane, whose own academic research extolls the benefits of providing paid leave, bizarrely won’t practice what he preaches for his own employees.

Sign this petition to President Coltrane and tell him graduate employees deserve paid sick leave. <> 

By forcing graduate employees to choose work over their health and well-being, the university diminishes the quality of education undergraduates receive. How can UO expect high-quality teaching if graduate employees can’t even meet their own basic needs?

The university has an opportunity to do the right thing and give graduate workers the paid sick and parental leave we need. Sign the petition now. <> 

In solidarity,

Joe Henry


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