There is such a thing as scapegoating in which people project their own dark side onto others as in The Scarlet Letter.
The violation of people's expected privacy does make them victims.
Peter M.

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By playing a race-baiting game with a colleague on university email, was there some part of Spurr that wanted to be caught and exposed?  Could such a motivation correlate to the Puritan humiliation emotion that Eliot channeled from St. John of the Cross, Hawthorne, and others?

On Saturday, December 20, 2014, James Loucks <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
A sad story, certainly. This and the Sony blowup underline the importance of reticence in emails, as they seem to be very hackable and leak-prone.

I'm just now mining Spurr's very fine and thorough book on TSE and Christianity for material to add to my TSE database. Parenthetically, I note that he has made extensive use of Roger Kojecky's equally fine book on TSE as religious and social critic. Both books are exhaustively documented.

Happy holidays to all. I'm glad to be back on the TSE list.  --  Jim Loucks

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Difficult these days to distill the truth in many reports.  More difficult still to ascertain someone's intention.  Not offered as an excuse.  In the end we may have to rely upon the known facts--the resignation--and our senses of "possibility and probability."  [Easy guess whom I am echoing there.]  I hope this doesn't tarnish Eliot.  Or Oxford.  Or poetry.  Or Australia.

Happy Holidays one and all wherever you are!

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> Did any of you who think this is "sad" or "needless" read what he actually said? Did you think what that means for any student in his classes?
> Faculty who say deeply bigoted and hateful things are what is sad, and they have no place in a classroom. Even he seems to have realized how extreme and wrong he was, since he simply accepted.
> How many of you would sit in a classroom with someone who called Christians human rubbish tips or men pricks or white people honkies or Brits "the scum of the earth"? Doesn't that include some of you?
> This kind of language is not a joke and not without terrible damage: it is the begining of patterns of cruelty--whether he engaged in it or not. When humans want to hurt and hate, they start with dehumanizing names. And it would get anyone in any university I have been in (four) dismissed.
> I am astonished to see this treated as somehow a wrong to him.
> Nancy
>>>> Peter Dillane  12/20/14 7:34 AM >>>
> He had his day in court last week suing the website but he settled on the basis they could keep up what was already up and they agreed not to publish any more so one might suppose there was more extravagant stuff to come ;  the next day he offered his resignation and it was accepted without comment
> Pete
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>> On 20 Dec 2014, at 10:18 pm, David Boyd  wrote:
>> It is - a needless loss.
>>> On 20 December 2014 at 03:43, P  wrote:
>>> That's sad.
>>> Peter M.
>>> "Rickard A. Parker"  wrote:
>>>> The Telegraph
>>>> By Jonathan Pearlman, Sydney
>>>> 2:22PM GMT 18 Dec 2014
>>>> Australia's first professor of poetry resigns over leaked racist emails
>>>> Professor Barry Spurr, an expert on T S Eliot who helped to write Australia's school curriculum, resigns over controversial leaked emails

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