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I, too, enjoy the List discussions, even off topic ones, as they are often the only intellectual conversations of my day.  I am not a college Professor immersed in academia.  I am a Florida Realtor surrounded by white sand, tourists and happy hours.

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Typo:  List not Lust (courtesy of autocorrecting iPhone though I suspect Steve Jobs is laughing.)

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> Responding to several emails in this thread:
> I do not think the Lust is diminished.  Numbers are not determinative.  People come and go for diverse reasons.  Part of the ebb and flow that Sophocles heard long ago on the  Aegean and then an Englishman centuries later.  It may have nought to do with the List or TWL or Christianity.  At times I contemplate going into the desert with a few books and relics for a period and I am sure in their own fashion others do too.
> In any event, reading these postings are to me a source of intellectual pleasure; even the rabid posts.  Especially compared to what otherwise bombards my senses with claims of "greatness" or importance.  And I think underpinning it all is Eliot's verse, no matter where the discussions may venture.  To that, to him, we owe a debt.  And, despite all the attention paid to meaning, I think he had a great ear.
> As to the HR adage David cites:  it's broader  --  Each age has the art that it deserves.
> Last thought:  we should find a sponsor, all meet in London, and go on a pilgrimage to Canterbury, reciting Eliot along the way.  Nancy--shall we post an ad in the NYRB?
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>> On Dec 22, 2014, at 6:08 AM, David Boyd <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> There is an adage in HR Management that employers tend to get the workforces that they deserve. Similarly, I think the List members presently get the discussion list they deserve. It is certainly a vestige of its former self, back in the days of Paul Sonnenberg et al
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>>> On 22 Dec 2014, at 10:57, P <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> How about lack of focus on the subject of the list?
>>> Or, we've said everything there is to say about TWL which is all that interests people. No one is interested in Eliot's Christianity which was the most important thing to him?
>>> ?????????
>>> You tell me.
>>> Peter
>>> David Boyd <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>>> Entropy?
>>>> Ossification?
>>>> Navel-gazing?
>>>> Civilisation and culture and mutual respect and common purpose degenerating into barbarism / incessant sniping and ill-will and squabbling?
>>>> The list goes on..........
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>>>>> No. I have no evidence for any reason.
>>>>> Nancy Gish <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>>>>> I'm sure we have different reasons on why.
>>>>>> Nancy
>>>>>>>>> P  12/21/14 10:41 PM >>>
>>>>>> It is interesting to consider that this list once had over 300 members; now it's down to the mid-fifties.
>>>>>> Peter M.


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