Languages on the Boards: Call for Papers

12-15 April, 2015
University of Notre Dame

The Center for the Study of Languages & Cultures is proud to announce
Languages on the Boards as the theme for its 2015 conference. This conference
explores the impact and praxis of performative teaching and learning culture in the
second language classroom. Specifically how theatre and film enhance the foreign
language classroom in North America. We welcome contributions from scholars,
teachers as well as artists and practitioners in related arts-based disciplines and
professional fields of practice, including Education, Drama and Theatre, Film/New
Media, Music, Dance, Visual Art.

● § Performative practices in Second Language Acquisition
● § Culture-specific performative traditions and their application in second language
● § Intercultural perspectives on performative foreign language teaching and learning
● § Performative practices in bi-/multilingual educational settings
● § Special educational features of selected performative approaches
● § Theoretical perspectives on performative teaching and learning within the Second
Language Acquisition educational discourse
● § Past, current and future research on aspects of performative teaching and learning /
the use of performative methodologies/methods in research projects
● § The role of and the challenges of producing foreign language plays/films for the
● § The impact of foreign language drama on students/audience/participants
● § The interrelationship between art and education: What exactly and how can foreign
language teachers and students learn from professional practitioners in the fields of
Drama and Theatre

Proposals are invited in the form of an abstract or outline of approx. 200-350 words. Please send
your proposal by January 30th, 2015, at: 8026

The selection committee will inform selected contributors as soon as possible after this date.
It is envisaged that selected papers will be published.

The conference is organized by the Center for the Study of Languages & Cultures at the
University of Notre Dame
Organizing Team:  Paul McDowell, Denise Ayo, Peter McQuillen,

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