Today I thought I'd dodge the earlier birds headed to Black Friday deals and head once again to Binder Lake in Jefferson City, Cole Co. sans the Mrs. All images were digiscoped.

Upon arrival I quickly observed a female Red-breasted Merganser swimming closely to shore nearest and between the old bait shop and boat ramp. I was able to stand about 30 feet away from the shoreline near a covered picnic table and blend in as a part of the structure as the bird worked the shoreline as I had never seen one do before. Images here:

Common Goldeneyes were scattered about the lake again today. A lone male Hooded Merganser was observed in the center of the lake.

A good number of Lesser Scaup were in a few decent flocks and then few loners scattered about the lake.

There was a late Tree Swallow drifting over the lake in front of the long parking lots to the boat ramp lot.

The Canvasbacks were in the cove with the covered fishing dock, and they were gorgeous in the early morning sunlight!

Good birding!

Chris Barrigar
Cole Co.
Russellville, MO
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