I was down to the refuge yesterday to do some woodland bird surveys for MOBCI. Some parts of the plots still were covered with water from earlier flooding. Lots of Mallards and Wood Ducks in those areas. Many Red-headed Woodpeckers too, flock of about 100 Rusty Blackbirds, a Barred Owl, couple Brown Creepers, and other usual species.
  Elsewhere on the refuge were 3 Common Loons on Silver Lake along with large raft of ducks way out in the muddy, choppy water. Small flock of Snow Geese also. Some White-fronts flying over. Some Ring-billed, Franklin's and Bonaparte's Gulls around. Only shorebirds observed besides several dozen Killdeer were several dozen Wilson's Snipe. Two Trumpeter Swans were in South Pool. Saw a dozen or more Bald Eagle, a Northern Harrier, and a Cooper's Hawk. Lots big flocks of Blackbirds around Chariton Co., made up of mostly Common Grackles. Watched a late Gray Catbird feeding on wild grapes. Guess they would be Frozen Grapes today!

Steve Kinder
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