Refound at least 1 LeConte's sparrow this morning with Jack Cowen in the area I posted about the last few weeks at Busch CA,St Charles Co
 Overall sparrow numbers were down from the past few weeks
Not a bird sighting per se but something I think people will definitely find interesting.
 A friend who lives near the town of Valley Park in St Louis Co e-mailed pictures of a black bear she has been seeing this week in her back yard.
 Cant say Im super surprised with the booming Missouri bear pop.Pretty much knew it was not a question of "if" a bear shows up in St Louis Co but "when"
 I know there have been definite sightings the last few years from Jefferson,Franklin and St Charles counties.
 No doubt this particular animal followed the Meremac River which would act as a natural corridor for them coming out of the Ozarks.(this bear is more than likely a young male)
 Hopefully this guy stays to woods.When they come this close to suburbia it usually ends up badly for the bear.More than likely getting hit by a vehicle or someone shooting it out of fear

Mike Brady
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