The Emotion Studies Network will host a series of panels at the next annual meeting of the German Studies Association, October 1-4, 2015. We call for paper or panel proposals that explore the corporeality and/or materiality of emotions in the Germanic world from 1500 to the present.

As emotions transcend disciplinary, temporal, and geographical boundaries, the study of emotions offers a rare opportunity for serious interdisciplinary engagement in a new key. At the center of emotion studies resides the crucial nexus of corporeality and materiality. We seek proposals that, while informed by cutting edge theories of emotion (affect, feelings), materiality, or the body, remain nevertheless receptive to how specific accounts of emotion go further than the established theories.

We look forward to proposals that get at questions such as:

How can an attention to materiality shed new light on the complex relationships of emotions and things? In what ways is a specific material concern not merely a supplement but a crucial factor in particular renderings of emotion? To what extent and in which cultural, aesthetic or historic environments must one attend to the body to discuss emotion? How has corporeality or materiality been used for specific emotional agendas in unanticipated ways or contexts? The materiality or corporeality of emotions may also prompt us to consider how emotions are made available to others in the context of the arts and the aesthetic. How are emotions localized in bodies and things? How do they affect others, and how do we understand them?  

We invite proposals from a variety of methodologies and disciplines that explore different sides of the corporeality and materiality of emotions, i.e., conceptions of feeling in the body and mind, the hierarchy of senses, physiology, psychology, neuroscience, space, practices, objects, art, music, photography, film, institutions, social movements, and politics.

Please send proposals by January 16, 2015 to:

Derek Hillard, Kansas State University, [log in to unmask]
Russell Spinney, Santa Fe Prep, [log in to unmask]
Heikki Lempa, Moravian College, [log in to unmask]

Derek Hillard
Associate Professor of German and interim Head
Department of Modern Languages
Kansas State University
104 Eisenhower Hall
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