The October 1st Saturday bird walk was a most enjoyable one. Mark Glenshaw, growing his winter facial plumage as temperatures went down with the falling leaves, led the walk. I missed Amy Witt, the other leader, very much, but it was good to be with the group of birders, learning a bit.

Our group had the bonus of having Mitch Leachman of the St.Louis Audubon Society in our midst. Mitch is an expert who combines knowledge with humour; our learning was leavened with laughter as we went around.

We were also very fortunate in our bird list today. Watching "cigars with wings" (Chimney Swifts). we walked towards the Deer Park/Savannah area. 

The area is a wonderful example of successfully   bringing back native grasses and plants; Wild Asters and Goldenrod. Foxtail and other grasses, all brought great beauty and counterpoint to the large trees (and some of the dead ones, so beloved of woodpeckers.) 

As soon as we entered the area, a female American Kestrel started us off, and it was with backward glances that we went further down along the creek. Amazingly, the Barn Swallows that I'd seen just two days ago, swooping around the Old Stable Bridge, had disappeared.

But to make up for that, we got an Eastern Phoebe that didn't seem to want to indulge in the usual Flycatcher behaviour, but was hopping along a tree-trunk.

The walk extended for a while, because we were all enjoying ourselves so much! I've made a blogpost on what I managed to capture on camera, here:

I am not sure about the Savannah Sparrow id...could someone tell me if I am wrong?

The e-Bird checklist is at

Many thanks to Mark and Mitch, and my fellow-birders, many of whom are becoming familiar faces!  I hope to attend the November walk, too, before I fly back home!

Cheers, Deepa.

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