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There is some hope that the Red Knot will be around until about Sept 30, Tues, next week. On average fall migrant shorebirds move slower than the spring migrants. I think this Red Knot was first seen on Sept 20, and I assume it was seen close to its arrival date. I don’t recall where I read it or heard it but a stopover during migration to refuel for the next migration leap averages about 10 days. That’s allows the shorebirds time to put on enough fat to fly, sometimes nonstop, to the next refueling locations, which may be in Panama, or even all the way to the southern cone or South America. There must be a shorebird scholar on Mobirds that can update us on energetics and assure us that it will still be here for the rest of the month?


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Well, about that Red Knot, I am Green with Envy! We could not spot any of the birds that have been reported from here....and since I will always need a car to get there, I don't anticipate going to Riverlands again before I go home to India.

But ...whenever you see it....or the Sandpipers, or the Avocets, or the Phalaropes...will you say hi from me?

Cheers, Deepa.

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I sent an email when I was looking at the red know between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon on Sept 24. I don’t know why it didn’t show up.
He it is again:  Red Knot seen between 11 am and noon in Ellis Bay beyond Heron Pond at orange topped cable post on the marsh side. It is walking along the muddy shore on an adjacent exposed area next to the road on the Ellis Bay side. I had traveled up and down the Heron Pond to Dam stretch twice already looking for shorebirds with and without my binocs, my scope was at home. As I was driving back toward Heron Pond from the dam area about 100 yard shy of the parking lot, and next to the orange topped post, I looked down beside the road to the right and there was a killdeer and a pale shorebird of similar size. This was the third time I looked along that piece of shoreline, this trip by it was visible. I got some photos and video with my cell phone through my binocs.


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