On 9/8/2014 5:21 PM, P wrote:
> Another dimension of it is that our mental & sensory sensibilities are 
> getting wildly jammed back together in a resssociation of 
> sensibilities that is tossing us like no circus ride ever could. I 
> think literacy, at least as we have known it, is a real goner.
> Peter

   Not to be cute, but I think that almost goes without saying. Literacy 
and the sensibility that it engendered grew out of, simply, letters, 
those meaningless bits, the dragon's teeth that devoured whole languages 
and spit them out altered and anew. I tend to agree with Walter Ong that 
there is no more momentous invention in human history than the Phonetic 
alphabet, the consequences of which are still playing out, but playing 
out to be sure in the environment now of electricity and everything it 
in turn has engendered, including our discussion forum here -- but that 
carried out, surely enough, alphabetically.

   "Dissociation of sensibility," whether applied to cultures, or 
"society," (I'm never sure exactly what "society" is), or to 
individuals, is a relative term; any may exhibit sensibility somewhat 
associated, somewhat dissociated, never all of one or the other, and 
endlessly varying in those states and their relations. It was the 
achievement of Eliot's philosophical studies and subsequent literary 
criticism to understand precisely the significance  and signs of those 
states as few have. Giving him short shrift for his effort amounts to 
little more than that other old archetype, cutting off one's nose to 
spite one's face and calling it a new look.

   Ken A

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