I drove up to Squaw Creek NWR this morning to check on shorebirds. I saw two shorebirds: one Spotted Sandpiper and one Solitary Sandpiper (did not see any Killdeer!). * Not really very much suitable shorebird habitat can be seen from the auto tour loop.

The highlight  of the trip was seeing seven (9) Common Gallinules (two adults and 7 juveniles). They were located on the southwest area of Pelican Pool at a red flag marker which marks the boundary of section 1/section 2 of Pelican Pool. Eagle Pool and Pelican Pool are both heavily vegetated, but the area where the birds were seen was somewhat open with reduced vegetation. Several American Coots were also in this area, but remained separate from the gallinules.  * When I got home and checking my e-mails I saw that Tom Nagel had visited the refuge yesterday and sent me an e-mail that he had seen two adult birds and three juveniles.

Larry Lade
Saint Joseph, MO

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