Needed another break

I) Hwy 79
St. Charles co:
Flooding: Peruque Creek Road, Firma and Dalbow about where they
usually flood, "near" where they all intersect. Water was going up quickly.
Nothing unusual found.
Linc. co:
flooding back of Keeteman road. Lot of swallows gathering here.
Lots of M'larks at the only sod field near Glacial Sand Road

BK Leach CA
One COMMON GALLINULE where Dave H. first reported the two.
Thanks Dave.
There wrong time of day so did not hear or see Least Bitterns.

Riverlands MBS, St. Charles co.
- road to dam closed
- road to Confluence SP is closed at maintenance sheds.

Because their initial effort of nesting was flooded out, 10 LEAST TERNS attempting to nest on the rock jetties and a mud island in TEAL POND.
Wonder how long that will last since people insist on fishing here?
Also had a COMMON TERN on the mud island between two jetties.

BLACK TERN in Ellis Bay on a buoy. Looks to be a juvie.

Gathering of ducks where LETEs were initially nesting, now flooded.
Male Northern Pintail still around and skittish

Male Blue-winged Teal there too and just as skittish.

According to eBird, there were LEAST SANDPIPERS seen at one of the
fluddles in the corn fields along Wise Road. We did not see them
but heard BLUE GROSBEAK. Also another grosbeak singing across
from Audubon center.

Happy holidays,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.


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