As I was driving, I once saw a blackbird hanging upside down and struggling 
in the top of a small tree across a pasture. Other birds were flying around 
it. Being much younger at the time, I ignored the cattle, climbed the small 
tree which was in a ditch with briars, used my teeth to chew the fishing 
line loose, and freed the bird. He still had a line almost embedded around 
one leg, but he got away from me and went directly to the ground and hid in 
grass. Not having any tools to get the line out, and feeling like the bird 
had had enough trauma, I continued my birding morning. Whatever its fate, 
seemed better than dying a slow death upside down in the top of a tree.

Jo Ann Eldridge, Kearney, Clay
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David: Not exactly the same thing, but I'm still haunted by a sad memory 
from one
of the SLAS trips to Carlyle Lake - on the exterior of a building near the 
where our group had set up, I saw the body of a big woodpecker dangling from 
siding; one of its feet had evidently gotten stuck in there for good. I 
how long it had suffered before expiring from exhaustion.

Sorry for the downer. It made me glad to hear that your story has a happier
ending - great work!

Cathy Keane
STL City

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