Hi Mariel,
Nice observation!  I'm crazy about bird behavior.  
Yes, Red-headed Woodpeckers are very good at
fly catching.  I have watched that many times too
over the, um, many years now.  IMO it seems to
be more often observed at this time of year.  
Possibly anxious to feed young ones?
Both parents incubate (as in all of our woodies).
Both parents help feed the young ones too.  
Good parents.  Beautiful birds.  
Larry, in Joplin.  
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  Today I observed for some time a parent bird ( the young was with it) doing what looked like flycatcher behavior from several branches in a dead tree.  It would then periodically feed the young one.  Do they catch insects on the wing? - mariel


  Mariel Stephenson

  Columbia MO

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