Anne, Jan and I birded Blue Grosbeak Trail Saturday morning.  Very breezy but that kept potential mosquitos away.  We heard about 6 Bell's Vireos, saw a pair of Blue Grosbeak at the top the hill on the right side, heard and saw many Common Yellowthroat, and heard and saw a vocalizing Willow Flycatcher at the top of the first trail.  There was a pair of Kingfisher on the second lake.  Our surprise birds were an adult Worm-eating Warbler feeding a juvenile in the thicket on the left near the old parking area.  They are building a new, very large concrete parking lot and driveway, so you park in the gravel lot close to the lake.  

We traveled down to Darst Bottom Rd. and saw the male and female Scissor-tailed Flycatchers on the road and the electric pole at the first turn north of the intersection.  We saw Horned Larks and Dickcissel but did not see Lark Sparrows.  We then returned to the Hamburg Trail, south of 
Mt. Doom, and walked a short way hearing Towhees, Summer Tanagers and a Kentucky Warbler.

At the Busch side entrance to Mt. Doom we got great looks at a Grasshopper Sparrow and heard others, Field Sparrows were vocalizing, and a N. Parula and 2 Prairie Warblers singing at the parking area.  Nice Summer morning to be out watching our busy, nesting birds!  Full list on CACHE.

Pat Lueders, Webster Groves, MO

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