As mentioned prior, I have been watching the fields to and from work these past few weeks and Bobolinks continue their presence in Moniteau County between Eldon, MO and California, MO just off Hwy 87 on Hwy A - between 87 and Barry Rd.
The grassy field where the Bobolinks have been present still has yet to see the blades of a brush hog, and the grasses continue to wave in the winds. This morning a minimum of 4 males were observed in and over the grassy field.
Below is a link to this location, if interested. The farmland has a plaque showing Renken Farm near one of the gravel drives.,+Moniteau+County,+MO&hl=en&ll=38.45574,-92.536469&spn=0.03737,0.086861&sll=38.46031,-92.528572&sspn=0.074736,0.173721&hnear=Barry+Rd,+Russellville,+Missouri+65074&t=m&z=14
Other notes from around our house in adjacent Cole Co.:
Our House Wrens fledged successfully over the weekend. Of the 7 eggs, 6 hatched out.
The second broods of E. Phoebe and Bluebirds are trying to fledge.
One RW Blackbird nest now empty, a 2nd nest with one young, and a 3rd nest with 4 eggs.
E. Kingbirds have at least 3 young flying around the pond.
Summer Tanagers have fledged.
Tim Barksdale observed a Bewick's Wren poking around our front porch Saturday morning.
Good birding!

Chris Barrigar
Cole Co.
Russellville, MO
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