Please consider submitting a proposal to the WiG-sponsored Austrian Studies
Association panel on Habsburg Feminisms.

WiG-ASA Panel Proposal: Habsburg Feminisms
Crossing Borders—Blurring Borders
Annual conference of the Austrian Studies Association
University of Michigan-Dearborn, Dearborn, Michigan
March 26-29, 2015

This panel seeks papers that interrogate historical or aesthetic acts that
blur the contours of our traditional understanding of the ‘aristocracy’
(the Habsburgs in the Austrian context) and of ‘feminism,’ and more
importantly, of how these notions seem antithetical to one another or how
they can intersect to give new meanings to both terms. Ellis Wasson has
challenged notions of the aristocracy as “philistine, decadent, amateur,
and backward,” and sees them as a dynamic and important force in the
history of Europe. More recently, art historian Michael Yonan has analyzed
visual and material culture produced during the reign of Maria Theresa that
project potentially feminist meanings. How might Ellis’ interpretation
apply to the case of the Habsburgs and what kind of new evaluations can be
discovered? What further discoveries of Habsburg history can be made to
reveal a feminist rhetoric? In what media, historical and contemporary, are
Habsburg feminisms to be found? Interdisciplinary investigations are
particularly welcome.

Topics might include:
• reinterpretations of royal family and relationships that challenge
• role of museums, tourist industry, popular sites dedicated to challenging
or perpetuating well-known representations (and repercussions thereof)
• historical and contemporary portraiture, sculpture, and photography that
push the boundaries
• alternative biographies, literary depictions, folklore that imagine or
fill in gaps
• popular interpretations and critical responses, such as w/ musicals
“Sissi” or “Rudolf”
• overlooked, ignored, forgotten and untold aspects of Habsburgs history
that would uncover Habsburg feminisms
• reconsiderations and meanings of royal “work” (charity, military,
cultural, governance, social)
• (re)configurations/ (re)construction/(re)purposing of royal space and
• Habsburgs and women’s movement/sexual/political revolution
•       changing conversations about Habsburgs in Austrian and
international educational systems, i.e. how the Habsburgs are remembered in
official discourse
•       Habsburg presences in former crown lands
•       Non-German speaking subjects of the Habsburgs

Please send 150-word proposals, brief CV, and full contact information to
Beth Muellner [log in to unmask]<> and Nicole McInteer [log in to unmask] <>
 by June 30, 2014.

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