This panel invites papers that investigate the multifaceted ways in which fictional works from German-speaking lands from 1933 to the present engage with questions of gender and the complex discourse on the representation of masculinity, and the male body. The panel especially welcomes papers that take an interdisciplinary look at masculinity as a literary cipher, and how it often intersects with other categories such as ethnic, sexual, or national identity. How have literary engagements with masculinity changed over the course of the 20th century starting in 1933, and in what ways do these changes problematize, or coincide with important historical caesura like the end of WWII, the division and the unification of Germany, etc.? Please send a one-page abstract, a short biography, and audio-visual requirements to Steffen Kaupp ([log in to unmask]) by June 15, 2014.
Steffen Kaupp
PhD Candidate 
Exchange Student at the Freie Universit├Ąt, Berlin 2013-2014

The Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies
Duke University, Durham NC
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Address Academic Year 2013-14 (August 15, 2013 - July 31, 2014):
Dickhardtstr. 38
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