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Dave and I have been discussing how to define "educational content" (which is allowed on MOBirds-L) and "lobbying" (which is not allowed on our University of Missouri hosted listserve) as it pertains to wild birds and matters of interest to those interested in wild birds. We're trying to keep it simple. Here are our thoughts:

This is my/my organization's position on this issue: Okay.
These are the reasons I/we take this position: Okay.
Here is a link to more information on this issue: Okay.

In response to this issue, I/we ask you to take the following action: Not okay.

It is never appropriate to belittle opinions of others via this list. And of course, a limitation to discourse on the same topic is desirable. This means avoiding the "I agree" statements that don't add new information to the same topic. And while I have your attention, all posts are to be signed with your full name, location of residence, and email address.

Thanks for your cooperation, Susan

Susan Hazelwood
MOBirds-L Co-Owner
Columbia, MO
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