The University of Missouri is a public (partially tax payer funded) institution.  We, i.e. the MOBirds-L community, have to adhere to guidelines that MU issues, but doesn’t very clearly define. It is a challenge to all of us. I will take blame for trying to interpret those guidelines.


Yes, the Audubon Society of Missouri Board has explored other hosting options for MOBirds-L. Costs range from several thousand/year to much more. MU’s generosity offers a financial deal (free) that we cannot obtain anywhere else.




Susan Hazelwood

MOBirds-L Co-owner

Columbia, MO

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Subject: Re: ADMIN: Educational vs. Lobbying


Over the years, it seems 90% of ADMIN's admonishments over subject matter are because the host is a state government entity. Hopefully, birders will never have a disagreement with The State, as our only option will be to shut up and obey.


As we march toward that inevitable day, has anyone at ASM explored a better hosting option that allows freedom of speech and thought?


Chris Hobbs

Lenexa KS

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