April 25th was ‘Bring A Duck to Work Day’ – I’m sure he returned it on the way home.


Jealous over here in KC that St. Louis is so far ahead in the warbler migration!  We need a ‘fix’ . . . badly!


Chris Hobbs

Lenexa KS

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Subject: No Sighting-Just a concern


A friend of mine emailed me about a strange occurrence at Carondelet Park in St. Louis last Friday morning.

She had been watching a pair of Mallards that had been nesting in her front yard cross Loughborough to get back into the park, when a car stopped and a man scooped up the female Mallard!! 

I know Mallards are everywhere, but she was concerned. She watched the male just sit on the other side in park and not move for most of the day. Kind of sad really.

On the other hand, hunger, if that is what this was,  can drive a human to do unusual (by our standards) things.

Mary Dueren

Near Creve Coeur Park, STL MO


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