Dear WI faculty members,


As you grade your students writing projects over the next week, please consider forwarding this call for papers to any of your students who may be interested in publishing opportunities. So many of our strongest submissions are the result of encouraging nudges from faculty members. We know this is a particularly demanding time of year, so we appreciate your help!


Artifacts invites submissions of writing projects and photographs by undergraduate MU students for our Fall 2014 issue.
•    All topics are welcome.
•    Essays will be evaluated by members of the Artifacts editorial board comprised of faculty who teach WI courses, CWP staff, and interested graduate and undergraduate students.
•    We are especially interested in work that can take advantage of the online medium. Although an essay may have been written in a conventional form and turned in on paper, we encourage you to add hyperlinks where helpful and to include images or other media (that you have rights to use) that expand or enrich the
scope of your work.
•    Projects are selected not because they meet some universal standard for writing,
but because they meet with creativity and intelligence the particular demands of given
topics and forms.


Guidelines for submission:
•    Priority deadline for submissions is Monday, May 19, 2014.
•    Print and complete the Student Information Sheet and the Unlimited Personal Release Agreement, scan them, and include them as attachments with your submission.
•    Submissions must be e-mailed to Youssif Omar at yot33 at
•    Submit essays as Word Docs and photos as jpegs.
•    Up to three projects may be submitted per person.
•    No minimum nor maximum length requirements.

Artifacts Journal - University of Missouri

Artifacts is a refereed journal of undergraduate work in writing at The University of Missouri. The journal celebrates writing in all its forms by inviting student authors to submit projects composed across different genres and media. Artifacts is sponsored by The Campus Writing Program.

Students may also be interested in submitting their work to the MU Libraries Undergraduate Research Contest: Simultaneous submissions are welcome.


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