Quite an evening at Eagle Bluffs, perhaps helped by the strong but brief rain storm that rolled through.  


A final count on the Ibis was 66;  they first flew into Pool 10 (were quite vocal, and eating every frog they could grab);  halfway through the rain storm they got up in mass (I haven’t a clue had they got any lift in the downpour) and flew into the back of Pool 11.   They remained there for about an hour (a few others got to see them);  then they took off in a group appearing to fly northwest direction.   About an hour later we saw another 7 in flight.  I believe I picked out at least two Glossy Ibis when they were in Pool 10 (very thin powder blue facial skin, broken at the back of the eye,  grayish/green legs with a hint of pink on the “knees”, dark eye);  there was not as good of viewing in Pool 11 but two other people picked out at least one Glossy.


Several other cars were roaming the area – and here are reports of other fun sightings:

3 American Avocets in the middle section of the distribution channel, later seen flying toward the back pools

3 Wilson’s Phalaropes – Pool 10

Dowitcher – Pool 10

Snowy Egret – Pool 10

BC Night Heron – in willows near privy at first one way loop

2 Dunlin – lower section of distribution channel, later seen flying toward river

Willet – in distribution channel, roughly across from Pool 5 (I didn’t see this one, directions are third hand)

YH Blackbirds – in trees near pumphouse

Green Heron – middle section of distribution channel


Lots of yellowlegs, pectorals, least sandpipers;  pelicans still around, increasing numbers of Great Egrets.  Hope I didn’t forget anything.  Most shorebirds appeared to be in Pool 10 and the back of Pool 11;  but I never did get back to pools 14-15.


Jean Leonatti

Columbia, MO

Boone County


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