Why do Prairie Warblers have an asterisk when I report my sightings of them in CACHE or SPARKS? I know that an asterisk means the bird is being flagged due to being on the MBRC list, but I don't understand why the Prairie Warbler is on that list. If a bird is asterisked, all ASM instructs me to do in my report is to "Please provide some details as necessary."  What does that mean, exactly?  What details are necessary?  What is ASM looking for?  Yesterday, I saw two Prairie Warblers at St. Francois State Park in Missouri.   Today I saw three at Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit MO.  Every year for the past six years I have seen them reliably in various places.  So, why the asterisk? Ironically, I didn't get photos of the ones from St. Francois State Park, which required 'details' for ASM due to the asterisk.  But, I did get some from Shaw today.  Here's one:


Andy Reago
St. Louis MO
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