Yesterday around 6:15pm I was speaking with my friend and owl mentee, Chris Gerli, about how someone had posted the day before on MOBIRDS about seeing a Green Heron in Forest Park. We both informed the other of how we had not seen this species yet. Chris has the luck of operating his bike tour and bike rental business, City Cycling Tours  next to a row of pear trees that go from the Visitor's Center and Pagoda Circle.  For 3-4 years there has been a Green Heron pair nesting in one of these trees mere feet from his operations.  The remains of last year's nest are still evident.  

I went off to meet a group for an owl prowl and as we started to head out, a Green Heron flew in and landed in one of these pear trees.  I let Chris know about the heron and we shared a smile that our lack of sighting was no more and that perhaps that pear trees would be a nest site again. 

Mark H.X. Glenshaw
City of St. Louis
Forest Park Owls
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