The Thursday group was also unable to find the Cinnamon Teal.  It is either gone or was on some pond we did not inspect.  There are hundreds of Teal in the area, so it could still be around.  We had four Baird's Sandpipers on the shore across from Teal Pond.  There was a flock of about 60 White-fronted Geese resting in the area.  While we were there, they took off, formed a V and headed up the river.  The Cliff Swallows are beginning to return to the bridge as well.  There was still a considerable flock of Scaup near the picnic pavilion with a variety of other ducks mixed in including Canvasback, Redhead, Red-breasted Merganser, Bufflehead, and Ruddy Duck.  At Columbia Bottom CA there were Pectoral Sandpipers and a lesser Yellowlegs, but not much else.
After getting the message about the Yellow-headed Blackbirds at B. K. Leach CA, I went up there and found them without much difficulty since Al Smith and Paul Bauer were already watching one.  As I was departing the area, an American Bittern flew in and did a recon of the area near the maintenance building.  It landed in the pool to the right of building as you drive in and vanished in the weeds. 
David Becher
Saint Louis 

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