I would call the two end birds Greater Scaups and the middle ♀ a Lesser Scaup. The head is narrower and smaller with a notch in the rear of the head.  Also not the two end birds have a round white spot and larger bill. The middle bird has a slimmer white patch and smaller more curved bill. Even if you see the wing stripe there is enough variation on both to have more white on some lesser and less on some greater’s. I would be interested in what others think too.



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Subject: Greater or Lesser Scaup? 4/11/14


 If anyone could please help me determine if these are Lesser or Greater Scaup in my photo from today at Carondelet Park, I'd be very grateful.  I think they are Greater, but I am not sure.  I'd like to know before I enter them into CACHE.



Andy Reago

St. Louis MO

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