Went up Hwy 79 on Sat. after all the big rains.
LOTS of habitat, some with potential (too much water) and some of
the roads were eroded due to flash flooding.
Please understand habitat and conditions of the road could have changed
greatly since Saturday as there has been more rain or even water receding.
Also they are often fast at repairing the roads here but with the weather it
might not have been possible yet.

Individual roads:
- Peruque Creek Road (starts at Emerald View Sod Farm, O'Fallon)
Conditions: This was the worse with parts of the road washed away along
the creek and one area with a culvert under the road washed away with big
ruts. Despite this, the road was "passable with care". (cross at ones 
own risk)
Habitat: Some flooded fields with potential, one long stretch (before the
RR Tracks) had the most birds which included several Golden Plover and
dabbling ducks.
- Firma Road
Conditions & Habitat: did NOT go down this road so it is an unknown
- Dalbo Road
Conditions: parts of the edges of road eroded but still passable.
Habitat: most at the RR Tracks and across from there at a duck club.
- Keeteman Road
Conditions & Habitat: did NOT go down this road either due to time limits.
The back stretch nearest to the River is more prone to flooding and even
after the water recedes can be too soft to drive.
- Hwy W (road to Winfield)
Conditions: fine
Habitat: several large fluddles but with only ducks, no shorebirds.
Road well traveled with few small pull offs so tough to stop with more
than one car.
- Big Box Road
Conditions & habitat: unknown
- Winfield Dam
Large sand bar where large group of pelicans, gulls and cormorants were
lounging. Not much else.
- Sandy Slough
Mike Thelen already covered this - too much water with no birds including

That is as far as we went so do not know about conditions farther north.

BTW, Huster and Hayford roads in St. Charles co (off of Hwy B near the 
Golden Eagle ferry road) had habitat.
Huster had the most birds of both ducks and shorebirds.
Huster is a semi-well traveled road on weekends, not sure about week days.

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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