Fantastic!  There is some chance Iíll go down the day before, depending on cook situation.  What time could you leave Friday?  
See you Wed. 
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At this time I do plan to attend all weekend. 

Looking to car pool if anyone else is traveling from up North and would care to ride along.

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Subject: Current River SP weekend

ASM will conduct a special bird survey event at the new Current River SP fulfilling a request from DNR for data following a habitat improvement project. The survey will focus on, but not be limited to a glade from which cedar has been removed recently.

Details for the survey event:

Dates: May 30-June 1, Friday evening through Sunday morning.

Lodging: In the lodge once owned by Alton Box Company, on the banks of the Current River with a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, lounge.
No cost to participants for dorm/motel type rooms with 2 twin beds each, plenty of newly renovated restrooms/showers down the hall. Bring bed linen or sleeping bags.

Meals: $5 per person, per meal. Participants may opt for some or all meals that include Friday dinner, three meals Saturday, Sunday breakfast.

The glade is a lovely place, a short hike on moderately rough, inclined terrain. We need a team of birders for that site with good legs and bird id skills. There will be other locations for birders of a range of skills and physical abilities, including those who do better on clear, mostly level trails.

The event is scheduled for the only date for which the facilities are available within the time frame in which the survey needs to be done. It is at the height of a busy spring season for birders. There are several conflicts, including a statewide conference of Master Naturalists, and a field trip for a partnership of DNR and Columbia Audubon to Lake of the Ozarks SP, each of which will make demands on the people who might otherwise be able to help us at Current River.

Please plan to help ASM meet this request if you can, and let me know ASAP. If you cannot give the entire weekend, any part of it would help.

This is an unparalleled opportunity for a low-cost, high value weekend in a beautiful place with friendly camaraderie. You are welcome to bring a spouse or friend, birder or not.  

We are seeking a volunteer cook for the event. If you know someone who would like to help in that way, please let me know.

June Newman

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ABA Birding Code of Ethics

ASM Spring Meeting: May 2-4, 2014 in Jefferson City Details and Online Registration