Several ASM members and subscribers to this list have expressed alarm about a large wind farm being planned for a location very near Squaw Creek.  The Friends of Squaw Creek are mobilizing to oppose the location.  Edge Wade, ASM’s Conservation Partnership Coordinator <[log in to unmask]>, will act as liaison to that group.  Contact Christine Klein <[log in to unmask]> to be added to their email list.  

Additionally, I am seeking ways to link to other conservation organizations, and have sent the following letter to 
Audubon Missouri, Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative, Conservation Federation of Missouri, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Sierra Club, Ducks Unlimited, American Birding Association, American Bird Conservancy, and Riverlands Audubon Center. 

Several members of the Audubon Society of Missouri (ASM) have drawn attention to and expressed concern and opposition to Element Power’s Mill Creek Wind Farm, a proposed turbine generation project of more than 100 towers in Holt County, Missouri, which, if built will be within three miles of Squaw Creek NWR, a major stopover on the Central Flyway.

 The location of this project poses serious threat of collisions by birds, including ducks, geese, swans, eagles and hawks.  In anticipation of the high probability of collisions, the company has already applied for a permit to allow them to “take” Bald Eagles to avoid the fines that would otherwise ensue.

 As president of ASM I am contacting several organizations.  ASM has no paid staff, and has limited resources.  Will your organization mount any opposition to this project?  Do you know of any coalition of organizations working to oppose it? 

 Members of ASM have shown a desire to be a part of an active opposition to the project, and to assist as much as our limited resources can.  Please advise me of your organization’s position on this issue, intended action, and how ASM can best assist.

June Newman
President, The Audubon Society of Missouri

June, enjoying the song of a White-throated Sparrow nearby (I’ve named him Prozac.)
Carroll County 

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