March 31- 
Yellow-throated, N. Parula, Louisiana Waterthrush, Yellow-rumped, Pine, and Black & White Warblers; Blue-headed Vireo. Blue-gray Gnatcatchers. N. Rough-winged Swallow.

Chipping, Field, White-throated, Lincoln's, and Song Sparrows.

Eastern Phoebes exploring and repairing old nests. Osprey and Belted Kingfishers courting and defining Territories. Bald Eagle near nest. 

Red-tailed Hawk on nest, Red-shouldered Hawk in Aerial display.

I'll be back in early May and intend to spend about a week in this area.  By then many more species will have arrived and E. Phoebes could have the first brood within a week of fledging. 

Short-leafed Pine has finally become a part of the Ozark ecosystem, or perhaps better put- re-established itself. I heard a series of squeaky-toy notes coming from a pine -covered ridge on the other side of a creek. Because this location is on private property, I obtained permission to film and bird there.... and because I would like to spend a bit more time to document this bird- which has not been recorded in Missouri in about 58 years- I am keeping this location and even the county totally confidential. If I am unable to relocate this bird or birds due to my work schedule, I will then let everyone know so that the full weight and expertise can be brought to bear before the summer is over. Many birds go into a silent period during the nesting cycle and this species may be one of those. That would be unfortunate. Hopefully, this is an unmated male searching for females... that would be very helpful.

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