Will start with Forest Park, Kennedy Forest areas:
Our high light was observing about 24 Snow Geese heading North in the afternoon.  What was neat was that 22 were Dark (blues) while we only saw about 2 Whites with them.  I haven't seen a Snow Goose flock dominated by Blues before.  They were silent.
We mirrored what Bob Bailey saw and heard on Sat. with a probable Orange-crowned Warbler as an addition.
Non-bird sightings included around 6 Ribbon Snakes that came out of a fallen log almost simultaneously.   And a crisp Mourning Cloak Butterfly.

Tower Grove Park:
I almost think of this park as a staging area for northward bound birds.
Sparrows included Fox, Ea. Towhees, Dark eyed Juncos, White throated and Song.
Brown Creepers and Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were also numerous.
Both Kinglets, several B/G Gnatcatchers, and Yellow-rumped Warblers were observed near Jack's Pond.
Raptors were not shy there.  A pair of Red-tails were securing territory, a fly-by Cooper's was seen and a probable Peregrine Falcon was observed doing a power dive with talons out toward Gaddy Garden.  The outcome was not known.

Non-bird sightings there includes a Red Admiral Butterfly as well as a Cabbage White.

Bryan Prather
St. Louis Co., Mo

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