It has come to my attention that a spotting scope is listed for sale on the MOBIRDS trading post.  Access it from, the last item in the drop down menu under ASM, or from this page:

Guidelines for the trading post:

	 The Trading Post is maintained by ASM as a service to facilitate transactions by members only. By authorizing posting of goods and/or services on this site, ASM is not acting as a seller or as a representative of any seller. ASM does not endorse any particular seller, product or service advertised herein. Buyer is solely responsible for investigating the quality of goods or qualifications of the seller, and assumes the risk with respect to any alleged defect, non-conformity or breach on the part of the seller.

	 Must be an ASM dues paying member in good standing.

	 Must be a registered user (have a username and password) on

	 ASM reserves the right to cancel a member's access to the posting portion of the Trading Post if found to be abusing the privilege of the site.

	 This is not for businesses or for the promotion of a business.

	 Birding trips may be posted using this service if the following guidelines are followed:
		 Trips where no one derives any form of compensation for organizing or leading the trip. Poster must meet the requirements of items 2 through 5.
		 Trips where the poster derives some compensation for organizing or leading the trip, poster must meet the requirements of items 2 through 5 AND must indicate that compensation will be received by checking the appropriate box beside: "This posting is made as a solicitation by which some fee or compensation is paid to or on behalf of the poster.

June Newman

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