Hey all,

Katie and I went to Eagle Bluffs this morning to look for Jean's bonanza.  
Although we did not find hundreds, we did find a dozen or so American Golden 
Plover right where she left them in the fluddle at the end of the first one-way 
loop.  Same with Pectorals, Least, maybe a few Semi-palmated Sandpipers in 
the mix.  Wilson's Snipe (11) and Killdeer (6) lined the fluddle at the start of the 
one-way loop along with a Lesser Yellowlegs.  The fluddle going down the one-
way loop yielded 3 more Lesser Yellowlegs and 1 Greater YL.

Ducks were numerous and mostly Blue-winged Teal.  Down the back side of 
Pool 3 was a fluddle with more Am GP, BW Teal, Green-winged Teal, Gadwall, 
Northern Shovelers, and a bright male Wood Duck.  Strangely, we found no 
Mallards anywhere in the park.

Other groups of Shovelers and BW Teal were down the Distribution Channel 
along with 2 Common Merganser and 2 flyover DC Cormorants.  Pied-Billed 
Grebe were all over the back end (Pool 10, 14, 15) and we counted at least 10.  
There were 2 Hooded Merganser at the back of Pool 15 along with some singing 
Bluebirds and several hundred Coots being closely monitored by an immature 
Bald Eagle.  An adult Eagle was on the old nest at the back of Pool 10, which 
has been repaired.

On the way out, we spotted to March bird...ers (Nick and Jenna) looking for 
amphibian babies.

A flock of a dozen or more American Tree Sparrows were in the grass and a 
lone Barn Swallow was scouting the Katy and Buck pools across from Lucy's 

FWIW, anyone interested in an area map of Eagle Bluffs for pool # identification 
can go here:

Cheers and good birding,
Chase & Katie Darr
Columbia, Boone Co., MO
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