The Bluebird, the voice of ASM since 1934, Volume 81, No. 1 is online!  

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Registration information for the Spring Meeting in Jefferson City, May 2-4  (Register NOW.)

A great story of birding in Alaska by Bill Reeves, Farmington
"An Appreciation of Bald Eagles" by Michael Winger, Rolla
ABA's Chandler Robbins Award to Andrew Kinslow, Fordland

A book review by Bill Eddleman 

New members of ASM, Jerry Wade

The top 10 list of birds from 2012, beginning with:

WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE (Contopus sordidulus): One, 9 June
to at least 3 July, Lake Lotawana, Jackson Co. Found and audiorecorded
by Chris Hobbs, with Nicole Hobbs; also documented by
Mark Robbins and Sandra Elbert. Definitive State Record of a species
never previously recorded in Missouri.

Note: top 10 lists are announced at ASM’s Fall Meeting for the previous year, and published in a subsequent issue of The Bluebird.   The 2013 list will be announced this fall at Lake of the Ozarks State Park.  The processing of documentations is slow, deliberate, behind-the-scenes work by our Missouri Bird Records Committee, Brad Jacobs, Chair; Bill Rowe, Secretary; Paul McKenzie, Mark Robbins, Kristi Mayo, Josh Uffman, and Joe Eades.

For a summary of the work of that committee, see Bill Rowe’s Annual Report. 

A detailed seasonal report of fall 2013 birds, including a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper at C.B.C.A. 3-5 Aug, by other unsung contributors, Peter Kondrashov and Ryan Douglas

Guides to birding Bradford Farms and Van Meter State Park by Edge Wade

June Newman
Carroll County, where the sun is shining, maple trees are in bloom, a Black-capped Chickadee is singing a love song, and this birder is heading outdoors 

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